HOW TO: minisatip on openatv

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HOW TO: minisatip on openatv

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There are 2 ways of running minisatip on openatv (or boxes running enigma2):
- standalone - where minisatip is using a tuner exclusively. In this mode, you need to assign tunners (1-X) to enigma2, the remaining tuners (X-N) to minisatip. The advantage of this method is that minisatip can use all the features as on x86/arm Linux systems, but a static partition of the tuners in which minisatip will use just the assigned devices. Personally I use the following way to start minisatip:

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echo 'ps ax | grep minisatip | grep -v grep | grep -v tail || /usr/bin/minisatip -e 4-8 -R /usr/share/minisatip/html/' >> /etc/cron/crontabs/root
-e 4-8 is required to enable just adapter 4 to 8. If you do not use enigma2 at all you can leave it in standby mode and remove -e 4-8

- using enigma2 as backend
Minisatip can share the enigma2 backend to be able to tune to several channels while enigma2 is also in use. The advantage of this mode is that minisatip can share the same tuner with enigma2 and all the tuners when enigma2 is not in use. It can also use enigma2 to decrypt channels with CI(+) card. The disadvantage of this method is related to a driver bug that does not allow scanning or listening to radio channels due to low bit rate. For this you need to revert to the standalone mode. Some satip clients when they tune, they request just pid 0 (PAT). Because of this, the tuning may fail.

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minisatip -N --satip-xml -R /usr/share/minisatip/html
At this point minisatip will start advertising all the tuners over the network.
In Tvheadend for example, an additional setting needs to be made for everything to work correctly (due to the driver bug):

Configuration -> DVB Input -> TV Adapters -> on SAT IP adapters -> Enable 'Send Full Play Command'

This setting works perfectly also on standalone mode.
Additional details: ... -test.html

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Re: HOW TO: minisatip on openatv

Post by nixes »

Google translator;
hello, installed from opkg and I am a novice, some way to do auto start in openatv of this:
minisatip -N --satip-xml -R / usr / share / minisatip / html

Thank you!!

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