Config Problem for one FBC Tuner Solo 4k

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Config Problem for one FBC Tuner Solo 4k

Post by chatman64 » Fri Jan 05, 2018 7:10 pm


I have a problem. I own a VU + Solo 4K with DVB S2 FBC tuner. I've been trying for hours to get this minisatip up and running. Of course files are the newest of today.
With the following command ministip starts and I can record a channel with dvbviewer (I added minisatip twice):
init 4
minisatip -j 0:4-1005,1:5-1050,2:5-1095,3:5-1140,4:5-1260,5:5-1305,6:5-1350,7:5-1475 -S 1-7:0 -f

unfortunately I can not look at a second one. attached a log and here are my free unicable frequencies:
CH1: Beginning
CH5: 1005MHz
CH6: 1050MHz
CH7: 1095MHz
CH8: 1140MHz
CH9: 1260MHz
CH10: 1305MHz
CH11: 1350MHz
CH12: 1475MHz

can someone help me please and tell me what I'm doing wrong?
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