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Re: Evo Slim T2/C

Post by Friedlinghaus » Sun Jan 21, 2018 8:06 am

Absolutely sure, I can tune cca 80 dvbt channels with EVO with the same antenna in enigma.. And I tried mutant hd 51 (arm) with minisatip with the same antenna and he tuned cca 80 dvbt channels as well.
Something wrong between minisatip-gigablue and EVO Slim..

Edit: could be there some difference betweem gigablue and evo mips chips which could cause that issue?
Here are the details about evo mips:

Technical Specifications
Tuner & Channel Decoder
DVB-T2/T/CABLE Hybrid Tuner
ETSI EN 302 755 (DVB-T2), EN 300 744
(DVB-T) and EN 302 429 (DVB-C) standards 3/5,2/3,3/4,4/5,5/6,8/9,9/10(8PSK)
DVB-T2 : 256QAM, CR3/5, GI 1/128, C/N=16.9dB DVB-T : 64QAM CR2/3, GI 1/8, C/N=16.0db

MPEG Transport Stream A/V Decoding
Transport Stream: AVC/H.264(MPEG-4 part 10), MPEG-4 part2 (ISO/IEC 14496), MPEG-2 (ISO/IEC 13818-2)
Profile Level: AVC/H.264 MP and HP @L3.1(60fps), AVC/H.264 HP @L4.2(30fps), MPEG-2 MP @ ML and HL
Input Rate: Max. 80Mbit/s
Video Formats: 4:3 Letter Box, 4:3 PanScan, 16 : 9
Video Resolution: 720 x 576i, 720 x 576p, 720 x 480i, 720 x 480p 1280 x 720p, 1920 x 1080i, 1920 x 1080p
Audio Decoding: Dolby Digital (AC3), MPEG-1 L1/L2/L3, MPEG-2 AAC, MPEG-4 HE-AAC, Digital multi-lingual
Audio Mode: Streo/Mono, Dolby digital, MPEG and AAC audio
Sampling Rate: 16KHz, 32KHz, 44.1KHz and 48KHz(According to input) Main System
Main Processor: Broadcom chipset
RAM: 512MByte

There is a sticker on the box packaging: model DVB-C even the box is presented as t2/c. Isn't that strange?

I have no chance to compile binary for evo. Do you think that could make it working properly?
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Re: Evo Slim T2/C

Post by cata » Thu Jan 25, 2018 8:00 am

The parameters seems the same for all the frequencies, I was thinking maybe something is on autodetect.

The only difference would be if you have bw=7 and bw=8, or spectral inversion enabled/disabled.

Other than that I have no idea...

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Re: Evo Slim T2/C

Post by Friedlinghaus » Thu Jan 25, 2018 9:47 am

We have bw=8 here and I used it for my tests.

I installed minisatip from oATV feed and SAT>IP server test works pretty well for me. The only trouble is that adapter is set to dvbc, not to dvbt/t2 as well.
I start minisatip this way: minisatip -N --satip-xml -R /usr/share/minisatip/html as it is recommended at oATV forum.
So, if I understand well the adapter is set accordind to xml file generated by enigma at But this file contains error which
causing that adapter is not set to dvbt/t2 as well. Please check enclosed file. There is missing comma between modulations:
<satip:X_SATIPCAP xmlns:satip="urn:ses-com:satip">DVBC-1DVBT2-1,</satip:X_SATIPCAP>

That missing comma causing that adapter is set just to dvbc:
<satip:X_SATIPCAP xmlns:satip="urn:ses-com:satip">DVBC-1</satip:X_SATIPCAP></device></root> (Box_IP:8080/desc.xml)

Would you please ask the guys from oATV to correct it? I already wrote them but they ignore it or they don't have time enough..

Thanks in advance.
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