Ax hd51 enigma2 box not detecting tuners

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Ax hd51 enigma2 box not detecting tuners

Post by trohn_javolta » Mon Apr 08, 2019 11:13 am

Hi, I'm very new to minisatip and also I'm not very experienced in all the satellite stuff :D

Initially I bought a Ax 4k hd51 box just because I got it very cheap. My media device of choice is now Nvidia Shield Tv, so I want all media being played back and controlled on it, also Live Tv.
I also did try different Images on the receiver, all these OpenPli based ones like OpenAtv, OpenHdf etc...but came to the conclusion that for me they aren't very stable and "easy to handle". (meaning backup and restore of settings is messy, after not updating for a while the software recommends to just start over again :) , etc.)

The receiver is used as streaming server only now with the built in enigma2 streaming possibility.

Now I learned that I could probably use minisatip on it, on the Shield Tv I run Tvheadend as backend.
Reason why I want to do that is I expect better channel switching times of it since Tvheadend has this predictive tuning feature, I learned.

I have 2 DVB/S2 sockets from which I ran coaxial cables to my receiver which now has 2 DVB/S2 tuners.

If I understood correctly, minisatip can serve these as virtual tuners(?) to tvheadend.
But only if they aren't "blocked" by enigma2.

Funny thing is, I had it work to the extend where I was only missing the channels that oscam normally descrambles.
But now I cannot get it to work.

What I tried:
On receiver enter the standby mode and start minisat ip.
Type killall enigma2 on the receiver via ssh and start minisat ip.

I always see just one line saying sth. about 2 devices being served or sth.
But visiting the webif I can just see some html code and that's it.
Also on tvheadend I cannot see the tuners showing up as active anywhere :(

Can anyone help me out here?
Also is there a good minisatip tutorial somewhere? I just found the stuff in github readme, which is pretty technical for a noob like me.

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