Grundig GSS Box: Signal but no SNR

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Grundig GSS Box: Signal but no SNR

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I have a Grundig GSS Box that I started using with tvheadend and Kodi about 6 years ago. It's been a great setup but recently stopped working. The GSS Box's web interface still works so at first I thought it must have been the LNB. However replacing that didn't fix anything.

My suspicion now is that there's a hardware fault in the GSS Box. So I probed around with an oscilliscope. The power supply and different internal supply voltages seem reasonable. I can see 13 or 18 volts being sent to the LNB inputs depending on polarisation. Only then did I think to try perexg's custom firmware based on minisatip.

If I watch the minisatip status web page while the transponders are scanned, I can see the Signal getting values as high as 70%. But the SNR never moves. I'm pointed at Astra 28.2E, trying to pick up UK's Freesat.

I still think it's a hardware fault. Does that sound right?


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Re: Grundig GSS Box: Signal but no SNR

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Generally between minisatip and the hardware is the driver.
I am guessing that you have issues tuning with any software and cannot lock signal ?

In that case is possible there is a problem with the HW itself.

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