HOW TO: minisatip on openatv

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Re: HOW TO: minisatip on openatv

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Can you stop enigma2 and start minisatip with:

./minisatip -f -l http

And check how the things are this way
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Re: HOW TO: minisatip on openatv

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Hi cata,
sorry for the late response...

i stop Enigma with init 4 and start minisat with

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minisatip -R /usr/share/minisatip/html -l http
result: Web-Inteface ok, no streams works, log find attached. After a reboot enigma2 shows all streams without any problems.

Information: the same behavior under openATV 7.0 PY3.9/OpenSSL 1.1.1 (Beta)
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