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minisatip as forwarder

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I have the following setup here: in one network I have a Digibit R1, so that all devices in that network are able to receive DVB streams. That's working quite nicely, even with my Panasonic TV using its dvb-ip tuner. On that Digibit box minisatip has been started with the following parameters:
minisatip8 -f -g -E -d 0:2-1,1:2-1,2:2-1,3:2-1 -b 721920:57753600 -B 100000 -H 5:50

Now I have a second network. Since broadcasts are not routed, devices in that network are unable to detect minisatip on my Digibit box. That's why I started a virtual machine in that second network, where minisatip is started with the following parameters:
minisatip -s dvbs2:1@ -M *:1.5-1.6 -b 721920:57753600 -B 100000

My idea was to install the second minisatip as a forwarding server, sending all requests to the first tuner of the Digibit box (which is running as Basically this setup is working: devices in the second network are able to detect that minisatip server, but it's not running as good as in the first network. During channel search many channels are not found and zapping often results in a "No signal" message on my second Panasonic TV.
There are no other users on the Digibit box, so the second minisatip server has an entire tuner for itself.

Can somebody help me on what might be the problem? Which parameters should I choose for forwarding all requests to a second minisatip server?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: minisatip as forwarder

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Try adding -O to the minisatip in the second network
This will force the TCP mode which is more reliable than UDP

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