#197: Requested adapter X close due to timeout

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Post by lars18th » Thu Jan 01, 1970 12:00 am


I found a malfunctioning function in minisatip.
I explain: At time I use two DVB-T tuners and one DVB-S2 tuner connected to my server. The mapping is: 0:DVB-T; 1:DVB-T; 2:DVB-S2.

Then I like to use ONLY the DVB tuner, so I start minisatip with parameters -e 2 -a 1:0:0. With this config at time to time this message appears (in version 0.5.7):

> [17/11 06:39:10.121838 AD0]: Requested adapter 0 close due to timeout, result 0 max_rtime 121702

I suspect that unused adapters has a process attached to them althrough they arent used!
Please, can you fix this?

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